*** This package is for a write up for publication submission OR specific blog post copy. Have a topic you'd like to showcase on your blog? Purchase this package and I will make it happen!***



At Champagne Copywriting, we believe that every wedding, engagement, and styled shoot has a beautiful story to be told along with your stunning imagery. We focus on writing a story around your images that focus on the senses. From sight, to smell, to the way an environment feels, we will make you feel as though you are there celebrating in the moment.


These things, along with a perfectly curated selection of your images, are what we believe catches the eye of the editors for national publications. After all, your time, energy, and talent deserves to be in front of brides-to-be in their most coveted time to be inspired.


You work your magic behind the lens and in front of your client, and I will work mine behind the scenes to craft a beautiful story sure to transport inspired brides and editors alike to the sparkly wedding, engagement, party, etc!



How Does It Work?


- You email me 4-5 images of the gallery you'd like me to write 300 - 600 word copy around 


- Fill out a quick form indicating imprtant notes about the wedding and memorable moments


- I write the pretty copy and deliver to you within the week! 





What Do You Get?


300- 600 word custom copy written around your chosen gallery of work, which can be used different ways:


1. Website/Blog Copy - Use the copy on your website/blog to feature said gallery and showcase your craft.


   ***(NEEDED for SEO purposes - you need to be found using key words from the copy!)


2. Social Media Posts/Newsletter Copy - Break the copy into bite-size captions for social media   posts/newsletter with said images.


3. Submissions - Use the copy to attract the eyes of editors and get your work featured/published!



That's it! Pretty simple way to boost your SEO, inspire brides-to-be (and potential clients!), and have your work potentially featured giving you instant credibility in your niche!


BUBBLY FLIGHT (Custom Content Creation)