Winter Mood Board Inspiration

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

I am such a lover of creating mood/inspiration boards. Growing up, I would collect magazines, cut out my favorite quotes, images, and fonts and glue them on to cardboard complete with glitter and ribbon for added texture. While I know some still live by these physical inspiration boards, I am all about minimalism in my home and office. I have one flagship inspiration board for my business which keeps me focused on my 'why' and my goals. The rest I keep on my Pinterest Boards and on my blog as a source of a creative outlet.

I thought I would make a monthly mood board, and I may still, but I have found over the years, the more hard outlines I create for this blog (which is an extension of my services), the harder it is for me to be as creative and focused as I know I can be. For now, I am going to continue to add articles and mood boards when inspiration arises - that is when I do my very best work across the board.

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