Why I Write in Cafés

For years I’ve done my best work sipping a latte and writing in a local café. If I’m ever feeling in a creative rut (especially when living in New York City), I walk around the city taking in my surroundings. I always end up in a café journaling or sitting quietly with my thoughts. It always works for me.

Working from a café or wine bar always works for my creative process. Why?


🖤 The creative side of my brain thrives on a little bit of background noise. I can sit and focus on what I’m writing knowing the noise isn’t something I have to pay attention to. A room filled with quiet is the first thing that will distract me.


🖤 I love people-watching. People and their different perceptions of the same environment is interesting to me. It’s a bit of a creative inspiration.


🖤 It’s a treat! Having a glass of bubbly or hot cappuccino over the work you enjoy doing so much is reset for the soul. Plus, getting things accomplished is the easiest way for me to feel my best. Going in with a goal to ‘get it done’ and enjoy my alone time, without fully being alone, is my favorite business automation.

Café writing inspiration sure to stir up creativity in your soul:

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