Why I Created the Course, Social Media on Autopilot

The story of why I created the course Social Media on Autopilot: After starting Champagne Copywriting, I was blessed to have two baby boys only a year apart from each other. At the time, I held a full-time job as well as a business that was taking off. As much as I loved my work, I was feeling drained every day creating content for my business, my clients, and my full-time marketing job. When I started to feel overwhelmed and exhausted, I knew it was time to create a content calendar for my social channels that was completely on autopilot. I am now able to allow my social media to work for me instead of me working for it every day on the fly. Now, I can't imagine my business any other way. The course will show you step-by-step how to create the same process for your business allowing you to work on projects you love, spend more time with your family, and make money without trading time for dollars.

What the course covers:

● Clearly Defining Your Goals

● Branding that Converts

● Market Research + Strategy

● Macro + Micro Content Creation that Converts to Sales!

● Schedule Your Content for Success

● Pinterest Strategy (this one is HUGE!!!)

● Tailwind for Pinterest - yes, you 100% need it!!!

● Instagram Strategy

How to Schedule Your Instagram Content at Optimal Times for RESULTS!

● BONUS: Over 100 Content Ideas to Complete Your Year Without Stress!

● BONUS: 12-Month Content Calendar to Explode Your Traffic

Learn more about the course here:

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