How to Create Your Dream Work-Life Balance

You're already miles ahead just by deciding to create a business and a beautiful life for yourself, on your terms. That is something to be proud of! Plus, the fact that you have chosen to read this blog post speaks volumes of your willingness to learn and grow as a creative entrepreneur.

Create the Vision:

The first step to creating your dream work-life vision is to ask yourself "what do I want my days to look like?" Do you want to be able to take your kids to school each morning, stay at home with your babies, go to your favorite pilates class in the middle of the day, take a vacation without having to ask for time off? Do you want to be a sole-preneur or do you want to have others working for you? Remember: this is your life - it can be as fabulous as you want it to be. Dream big here.

I recommend buying a new notebook or journal with pretty paper and a pen that writes well. While not required, I firmly believe goal-driven activities are much more beneficial when you are intentional about the process. Plus, who doesn't love new writing supplies?!

Take a morning, afternoon, or evening to practice self-care. Make sure you are alone and in an environment in which you can focus.

Here are some self-care tips:

Take a warm bath and voice record ideas that come up

- Pour a cup of coffee and glass of wine, the ritual itself will spark inspiration

- Light your favorite candles and sit with the lights down low

- Create a writing playlist (I love to write to French Jazz Music)

- Take a few moments to meditate on the exercise

- In your new notebook/journal, write out your most fabulous vision of your work-life balance and what you want your days to look like

By practicing self-care while doing this activity, you are allowing your mind to relax and be able to visualize your biggest dreams for your days. It is totally possible to make your days productive, balanced, and fabulous!

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